Presidents Message

November 2022

Sorry I missed the October meeting but my wife and I were on back-to-back cruises between Quebec City and New York City. I will most certainly be at the November meeting. Phil Pivick (aka: Wonderphil) will be presenting his take on performing adult, family and children shows. It promises to be very interesting and enlightening.

See you at our November meeting.

Scott Hood

You know you’re a magician when ……………

1. You pay $85.00 for a quarter,

2. You introduce your wife as your lovely assistant,

3. You own 45 decks of cards and you can’t play any card games,

4. You see a cute young girl walking down the street and all you can think of is, “Will she fit into my zigzag box?”

5. You know of David Copperfield, but you have never heard of Charles Dickens!

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