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Next Meeting:
Monday, April 29, 7pm

at The Screening Room (Enter near Macy’s at Boulevard Mall)

Program: Jon Allen lecture

Time:  Doors open 6:30pm, Teaching Table 7:00pm, Lecture 7:30pm
Location: The Screening Room (880 Alberta Dr, Amherst, NY) – enter outside of mall next to Macy’s
Teaching Table: Scott Hood
Jon Allen is a performer, lecturer, published author and creator of unique magical effects and routines. A professional magician since 1988 he is also a multi-award winning magician having won The Magic Circle, World IBM & British Ring IBM close-up competitions. He has lectured to magicians worldwide from USA to Australia. He was invited to lecture at FISM in 2003 but is more excited about this current lecture!

Many of Jon’s effects have appeared in magazines worldwide and he featured in the July 2009 issue of MAGIC magazine. He has made several TV appearances and was one of the magicians chosen to appear on the TV show ‘Penn & Teller: Fool Us’ in the UK.

His commercial magical effects performed by thousands of magicians worldwide include Paragon 3D, Double Back, The Destination Box, The Pain Game, Flexion and most famously The Silent Treatment. Jon’s DVD set, ‘Connection’ contains many of the routines he regularly performs ‘in the real world’.

Jon’s two-hour (or maybe more) lecture showcases his crammed full with knowledge and experience of creating and performing magic for lay audiences over many years. His philosophy on a magic lecture is to help you improve as a magician. Yes, there are tricks you will be able to do, but there’s also the really good stuff that can easily be added to help improve the performances of tricks you already do. You will definitely come away from The Interrobang Lecture with a new way of thinking about your performance of magic.

Among the things you will learn in his lecture are:
A multi-phase routine using a pen and a coin… with a surprise finale
A super simple peek
A fantastic finale to any signed card routine, using a move hardly ever used in close-up.
The greatest impromptu routine ever that turns a child into a mega-star magician
How to use your props for more than just the tricks
Why you should learn about things for which you have no current interest
Why you should break things
Why Jon thinks one of the ‘classics of magic’ is a terrible trick
The one word that will instantly improve your magic and give you a whole new outlook on what you do

Please join us for this lecture on April 29!

As a reminder of our meeting location:

The Screening Room Cinema, 880 Alberta Dr., Amherst, NY 14226

The Screening Room entrance is on the Alberta Dr. side of the Boulevard Mall. You drive in the mall parking lot from Alberta Dr, and the Screening room is between JC Penney and Macy’s. You cannot enter the Screening room from inside the mall.