Past Meetings

2009 Meetings

January Shaun Robison
February Members Auction
March Harrison Caroll
April Jay Sankey
May Chris Capehart
June Rochester Lunch Bunch
September MikeGallo
October Paul Gertner
November Jim Pace
December Holiday Party

2010 Meetings

January Karl Norman – Best Lecture of 2010.
February Members Auction
March Dan Harlan
April Devin Knight
April Eric Jones
June Tarbell
September Ryan Lehman
October Karl Norman and others
October Mike Rogers
November Tony Econ
December Holiday Party

2011 Meetings
January Ring 12 Members.
February Members Auction

March Oscar Munoz
April Ring 12 Members
May Axel Hecklau
June Ring 12 Members
September Tom Craven
October Spooky Magic
October Alfonso
November Karl Norman Workshop
December Holiday Party

2012 Meetings

January Garrett Thomas
February Ring Auction
March Hamilton Ring Show
April Murray Hatfield
May Gyula Czili
June David Merry
September David Stone
October Bill Abbott
October R. Paul Wilson
November Karl Norman’s Roast
December Holiday Party

 2013 Meetings

January Anthony Linden
February Ring Auction
March Troy Hoosier
April Fools From Ring 12
April Woody Aragon
June Keith Fields
September Howard Hamburg 
October Garrett Thomas
November Tribute to Karl Norman
December Mathiew Bich 

2014 Meetings

January Postponed
February Tribute to Karl Norman
February Chris Mayhew
March Shaun Robison
April Jay Scott Barry
April(May) Michael Dardant
June Anthony Gerard
September Chris Randal
October Wizard Wars
October Paul W. Cummins
November Wizard Wars
December  Holiday Party

2015 Meetings

January Tony Weiland
February Auction
March  Dan Block
April Keith Randolph
April David Kaplan
April (May) Dani DaOrtiz
June Ray Kosby
August – Daryl
September – Nicholas Lawrence
October – Gazzo
October  – Gregory Wilson
November – Wizard Wars
December – Shoot Ogawa

2016 Meetings

January – Ted Outerbridge
February Young Guns
March – Ring Auction
AprilRian Lehman
May Tom Craven
June Simon Black
June – Rafael Benatar 
September – Members’ favorite
September – Trevor Duffy
October – Paul Cummins
November – Steve Beam
November – Martin Cox
December – Holiday Party

2017 Meetings 

January – Jimmy C
February – Wizard Wars
March – Magic workshop
April – Tom Frank
May – Mark Leveridge
June – Wednesday Lunch Crew
August– Martin Mercy
September – Chris Mayhew
October – Devon Knight
November – John Tykoliz, Dave Barrett, Scott Hood
December – Holiday Party

2018 Meetings

January – Ben Train
February– Jimmy C
March – Larry Martinez, Gary Para
April – Garrett Thomas
April – Michael Vincent
May– Dan Fleishman
June – Matt Jacobs
September – Todd Nelson
October – Noel 
November – Paul Richards
December – Holiday Party 

2019 Meetings

January – Shaun Robison
February– Michael Kaminskas
March – Buck McCleod
April – Ring 1 Members
April – Michael Finney
May– Shawn Farquhar
June – Gary Para, Vic Trabucco, Tony Weiland
September – Ken McCreedy
October– David Merry
October Meir Yedid
November Mike Ihrig
December – Holiday Party

2020 Meetings
JanuaryDan Block and Mike Gallo
February  – Auction
March – Garrett Thomas
April – Virtual Zoom gathering Ring 12 Board
May – Kozmo virtual lecture
June – Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed virtual lecture
September – Joe M Turner virtual lecture
October – David Jonathan virtual lecture
November – Tom Vorjohan virtual lecture
December – Anthony Lindan virtual lecture

2021 Meetings
January – Ring 12 Jubilee virtual
February – Howard Hamburg virtual lecture
March – Bruce Kalver virtual lecture

– Dal Sanders virtual lecture

May – Jimmy Ichihana virtual lecture

June – Gary Plants virtual lecture

September – Paul Gordon virtual lecture
October – Wayne Fox virtual lecture
November – Bernardo Sedlacek virtual lecture
December– Holiday Party in-person

2022 Meetings

January – Ryan Bliss in-person lecture
February – Rick Rossini virtual lecture
March – Mike Caveney virtual lecture

– Garrett Thomas in-person lecture

May – Noel in-person lecture

June – Rian Lehman in-person lecture

September – Ryan Joyce in-person lecture
October – Glenn Morphew in-person lecture
November – Phil Pivnick in-person lecture
December– Holiday Party in-person

2023 Meetings

January – Chris Mayhew in-person lecture
February – Carroll Baker in-person lecture
March – Ring 12 Board of Directors Cavalcade

– Garrett Thomas in-person lecture

May – Ring 12 Members performing effects from texts

June – Wij Siva in-person lecture

September – Jeff Hinchcliffe in-person lecture
October – Ring 12 Workshop Stations
November – 

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